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North Rhine Westphalia

Around 18 million people live in North Rhine Westphalia, more than in any other German state. Openness and an international character characterise the Rhine and Ruhr state. And for this reason, the region not only forms the biggest sales market, but its numerous universities, colleges and training institutions provide the basis for a healthy selection of well qualified employees. North Rhine Westphalia is the largest industrial conurbation in Europe.

The varied landscapes and region and the huge cultural range make North Rhine Westphalia a popular travel destination. More than 17 million travellers from Germany and abroad visited the state in 2007. Over 40 million overnight stays were registered.

Industrial heart, home of modern technology, export champion, exciting culture and media - North Rhine Westphalia is surprisingly varied.

Rhein-Kreis Neuss as Dusseldorf's immediate neighbour is an integral part of North Rhine Westphalia.