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Europe direct

Due to its many years of competence and experience, the Rhein-Kreis Neuss' Europe office was selected as one of 47 local Europe information centres in Germany by the European Commission in April 2005; the number of offices has meanwhile risen to 53.

The EUROPE DIRECT Informationsrelais Mittlerer Niederrhein (an information relay for the mid-Lower Rhine region) seeks to offer a local, free information service on EU law, politics, programmes and financial plans to the citizens of the district-affiliated cities and municipalities of the Rhein-Kreis Neuss, the cities of Krefeld and Monchengladbach as well as the districts of Viersen and Kleve and the Rhein-Erft-Kreis.

If required, computer-aided research and direct telephone contact to the EU institutions and EU information desks is also available.


  • to enable citizens to receive information, advice and help as well as answers to questions on EU legislation, policies, programmes and financial schemes on-site (to inform)
  • to offer citizens the chance to give the EU institutions feedback in the form of questions, opinions and suggestions (to aid communication)
  • to enable the European Commission to improve the dissemination of exact information tailored to local needs (go local)

Your direct line to the European Union

When looking for information on the EU, it is not always apparent where to find it. If you have questions on the European Union or your rights and opportunities in Europe, EUROPE DIRECT helps you find answers quickly and free of charge. If you have any general enquiries on the EU, EUROPE DIRECT's information desk can usually give you an answer straightaway. If your enquiry is of a specific nature, you will be guided to the best source of information and advice.