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Pleasant landscapes

That’s why it’s so beautiful on the left bank of the Lower Rhine

“Father Rhine” is known throughout th whole world as the large river in Western Europe. The Rhine is associated with ancient legends and romantic myths. But the Rhine is more than just a river; it represents a lifeline, for nature and for the culture of the people who have settled here over the millennia.

Each Rhine landscape has its own charms – as does the left bank of the Lower Rhine, here in Rhein-Kreis Neuss.What leaves a lasting impression on most visitors is its breed of people, which has also been shaped by the landscape. Rhinelanders have a reputation for being affable and full of the joys of life. The land and the people love being hospitable.

City plus the countryside plus river equals county

The density of the large cities and areas with numerous open spaces in and around the county:This range of opposites is where Rhein-Kreis Neuss draws its strength from – for the largest economic growth of all the cities and counties in North Rhine-Westphalia and for a proven high quality of life with numerous cultural, leisure and sport facilities on offer.

Rhein-Kreis Neuss has developed as a cultural landscape since time immemorial. Extremely productive soils, a mainly flat terrain and a mild climate initially provided for intensive agriculture. Today the fields and pastures still serve as a source of income. But,with its numerous parks and gardens,meadows and avenues, the natural environment also forms a living space in which people can relax and recuperate.