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Cultural showplaces

Exemplary: Two variations on the theme of integrated works of art

Raketenstation Hombroich Neuss

It is not surprising that a county with around 450,000 inhabitants has several cultural attractions.What is unusual is how it has succeeded to combine culture with nature and historic buildings with contemporary references in two different places.

The directly adjacent “play areas” of Hombroich and Dyck represent internationally outstanding showplaces of innovative exhibition concepts.

Museum Insel Hombroich: Art parallel with nature – and a former rocket-launching station as an avant-garde launching ramp for culture and architecture

Museum Insel Hombroich is on the one hand unique and yet on the other it is characteristic for the cultural climate in Rhein-Kreis Neuss.

Unique, because nowhere else can such an individual project be found for presenting an equally important and unconventional collection of modern and progressive art as well as old Asian art.

Characteristic too, because it was possible to realise such a production here, in the typical Lower Rhine landscape of the renaturalised Neusser Erftauen near Holzheim – in an alliance of private entrepreneurial élan, cultural policy will and, above all, artistic energy.

The vision of a partnership and working cooperative of artistic personalities is continuing to develop within the grounds of a former rocketlaunching station, where research is carried out in a free spirit and the projects of writers, photographers, architects and artists from diverse disciplines take form.

Schloss Dyck Foundation: Centre for garden art and landscape culture

The impressive Dyck moated castle is considered to be one of the most important cultural monuments of the Lower Rhine. It can look back on an almost 1000-year old history and forms the heart of the park and gardens, extending over around 70 hectares.

Today the Schloss Dyck Foundation has a unique purpose as a centre for garden art and landscape culture. Exhibitions on various themes as well as the individual presentation of internationally renowned artists fascinate tens of thousands of visitors each year. And the “Neue Gärten” or “new gardens” present contemporary theme gardens, embedded in a “sea of Miscanthus sinensis” (Miscanthus “Silver Feather”).

At the same time, Schloss Dyck also pays attention to hospitality and tends the creature comforts of its visitors. Stylish catering offers and superb function rooms leave nothing to be desired.