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Das Kulturzentrum des Rhein-Kreis Neuss in Rommerskirchen-Sinsteden © Rhein-Kreis Neuss | Kulturzentrum Sinsteden

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The municipality of Rommerskirchen

Rural life does not have to be boring - the municipality of Rommerskirchen proves this impressively. More than 12,500 people in 17 small towns and villages can follow the Rommerskirchen motto and "live relaxedly and work successfully" in the 71 square kilometre municipal area.

Rommerskirchen has developed into an up-and-coming business location situated in the vicinity of the big cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf, Neuss and Monchengladbach. New industrial estates, low real estate prices and first-class transport connections make it possible for businesses already located here to expand and attract investors.

Young families especially have discovered something special about Rommerskirchen. Life in a clearly defined municipality with a healthy environment, affordable building land and comprehensive childcare provision is just as attractive as the active societal scene, a wide range of leisure activities and local recreation such as horse riding, cycling, swimming or golfing.

Rommerskirchen - also stands for culture in a rural area. The Rhein-Kreis Neuss Kulturzentrum in Rommerskirchen-Sinsteden, with the Ulrich Rückriem sculpture halls and the district agricultural museum, is equally as attractive to visitors as the Feld- und Werksbahnmuseum (a museum for rural agricultural railways) in Oekhoven. A unique culinary experience can be had at the Oldiethek in Butzheim, where the famous TV chef Horst Lichter presents not only his menus but also a unique collection of antiques, kitsch, art, brick-a-brack and vintage motorbikes.

Partner cities:

  • Mouilleron le Captif (France)
  • Karstädt (Brandenburg)
Name The municipality of Rommerskirchen
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