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Schloss Pesch in Meerbusch © Tetris L. | Wikimedia | CC BY-SA 3.0 License

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The city of Meerbusch

Meerbusch is a good address. More than 55,000 Meerbusch residents and numerous visitors appreciate the city's variety and rich diversity. In 64 square kilometres divided into eight districts, one can find lifestyles ranging from the homely to the gentrified.

Located in the green landscape of the Lower Rhine, Meerbusch offers a good environment with high standards of living. Being close to the work place means more time for family, sports and hobbies. But Meerbusch is more than just a place to live between two big cities. Today there are more than 10,000 work places within the city limits. Both mid-sized companies and international businesses have recognised the location's qualities. Meerbusch makes for good business because its situation is optimal: the city is connected to the economic centres by road and rail, and Dusseldorf airport provides a gateway to the world. The population's purchasing power is among the highest in Germany, which is why Meerbusch is often also described as the "city of millionaires".

More and more people are also discovering Meerbusch as a tourist destination; for example, people come here for bike tours out in the green nature; for theatre or concert performances in the Kulturforum Wasserturm ('Cultural Forum in the Water Tower'); for weekend trips and a stroll through the old city in Dusseldorf; to go inline skating or to enjoy a summer's day by the Rhine. Both the solitary hiking trail in the nature reserve and Dusseldorf's Königsallee are within easy reach from here.

Partner city: Canton de Fouesnant (France)

Name The city of Meerbusch
Dorfstraße 20
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