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Luftaufnahme von Korschenbroich Liedberg © GettyImages#946935658

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The city of Korschenbroich

Korschenbroich emphasises tradition and the future. In its 55 square kilometre area, the city offers its 33,000 plus inhabitants high standards of living and leisure for all age groups, along with a varied range of shops and retail outlets. Sizeable sports facilities, riding stables, two golf courses and an indoor swimming pool ensure variety just as much as do the numerous walking and cycling paths through the charming Lower Rhenish landscape.

High mobility via road and rail are guaranteed by Korschenbroich's location between the cities of Monchengladbach, Neuss and Dusseldorf as well as by its high-performing infrastructure. This is also a plus point for Korschenbroich as a business location. Mid-sized companies and retailers are a tradition in Korschenbroich, and the city has developed an attractive profile with a healthy mix of sectors. Industrial estates totalling some 130 hectares offer room for expansion and free capacities for settlement.

Korschenbroich is both modern and rich in history. The city was created through the growing-together of the once independent municipalities of Korschenbroich, Pesch, Glehn, Kleinenbroich and Liedberg, and this history is documented in numerous specialist workshops and structures like the Birkhof manor or the Fleckenhaus in Glehn, an aristocratic country house from the late Middle Ages. Touristic highlights also include Schloss Myllendonk, a picturesquely situated medieval water castle, and Liedberg, with its more than 1,000 year old history. The castle at Liedberg, one of the rare hilltop castles on the Lower Rhine, the three hundred year old castle chapel, the mill tower and the historic village centre all attract visitors from far and near.

Partner cities:    

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Name The city of Korschenbroich
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