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Kaarster Rathaus vor blauem Himmel und Sonne
Das Kaarster Rathaus © Julia Bruns

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The city of Kaarst

Kaarst is attractive. The city is a sought-after business location and popular place to live. It combines the feel of city life and modern architecture with a village-like idyll and proximity to nature. A good 42,000 people live in Kaarst's six districts and 37 square kilometre area.

Kaarst has an excellent infrastructure; it has connections to the A 57 and A 52, a public transport network with two separate commuter rail lines, and is closely situated to Dusseldorf airport. Numerous mid-size businesses which have settled in Kaarst profit from this and its easily accessible industrial estates. Kaarst has also established itself as a successful trade fair site with the "b2d – Business to Dialogue" trade fair.

Anyone who enjoys spending their leisure time being active will be more than happy with what Kaarst has to offer. The outdoor swimming pool at the Kaarster See attracts visitors from far beyond the city limits, and the Kaarst-Büttgen sport forum has also made a name for itself with its biking events. Tasteful culture can be found at the "Neue Mitte" ("New Middle") in Kaarst, an urban highlight with a market place and business centre, ideal for a leisurely stroll and a browse.

The Tuppenhof in Kaarst-Vorst and the Braunsmühle in Kaarst-Büttgen are worthwhile destinations for outings. The Tuppenhof, built in 1684, was extensively restored and is today the "museum and discovery point for rural history and culture." The Braunsmühle is a windmill built in 1756 and rich with history. It has been completely restored and now has a functioning wind wheel and milling gear. Also worth a visit are the Romanic churches at St. Martinus and St. Aldegundis.

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