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Schloss Dyck in Jüchen © Klaus Littmann | Wikimedia | CC BY-SA 3.0

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The city of Jüchen

Jüchen is friendly and likeable. Around 23,000 people live in 30 small towns in the 72 square kilometre area of this city. Castles, manor houses and churches still shape the character of many a village. But much has also changed. And so Jüchen offers views of lovingly restored old buildings as well as modern housing and urbanisation.

The business location of Jüchen is characterised by variety. Agriculture continues to be an important economic factor. Jüchen also offers good locational conditions for small trades, mid-sized businesses and industry. With its proximity to the airports at Monchengladbach, Dusseldorf and Cologne, the city offers optimum conditions for longevity in the competitive European market. The company 3M recognised this fact and sited its European distribution centre in Jüchen. The city is also an energy location, as Jüchen lies next to Europe's largest continuous brown coal deposit, and quarrying will continue to be a part of the municipality in future.

Culture is given a high value in Jüchen and the city thus offers theatre performances, cabaret, concerts and exhibitions. Variety and entertainment are additionally provided by the numerous Schützenfeste and fairs held in the individual towns and villages.

With Schloss Dyck, the city of Jüchen can present one of the Lower Rhine area's most important cultural heritage sites. With its nearly 1,000 year history and 70 hectares of parkland, the impressive water castle attracts over 130,000 visitors annually and is a backdrop to renowned events such as the Niederrhein Musik Festival and the "Classic Days" old-timer gathering.

Partner cities:

  • Leers (France)
  • Rebesgrün (Saxony)
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