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The city of Grevenbroich

Grevenbroich has power. And so the castle city, which is situated on the Erft and has around 65,000 inhabitants living in its 102 square kilometre area, also calls itself the "state capital of energy". The over 700 year old city is the centre of the Rhenish brown coal area, Europe's biggest continuous deposit of brown coal. The fossil fuel is quarried from a 2500 square kilometre pit and turned into electricity at the Neurath and Frimmersdorf power plants. Grevenbroich is an energy-producing location with a future: 2,2 billion Euros are being invested in the most modern power plant in Neurath, and two blocks of the currently most efficient and environmentally friendly power plant types fuelled by brown coal are being built.

Grevenbroich has become the home not only of industrial giants like RWE or Hydro Aluminium, with Europe's largest cold-rolling mill: the business location is also shaped and defined by around 2,000 small and mid-sized companies, more than half of which are service providers. The Rhein-Kreis Neuss is particularly present in the former district capital. Grevenbroich continues to be the home to large parts of the district's administration. As an academic teaching hospital, the St. Elisabeth district hospital offers top-level healthcare. The district waterworks at Grevenbroich are a modern service provider and ensure the supply of high-quality drinking water for more than 210,000 people.

Grevenbroich's citizens prove that it is a lively city full of energy by holding over 20 "Schützenfeste" (fairs traditionally hosted by the local marksmen associations and featuring shooting matches) and fairs between May and October in the various parts of the city. The Rhenish way of life and hospitality are appreciated by numerous visitors from far and wide. Among the most popular sites are the Villa Erckens museum in the Stadtpark with its varying cultural-historical exhibitions; the Alte Schloss (Old Castle) and Schloss Hülchrath; the Langwaden Cistercian monastery; and a wildlife park in the immediate vicinity of the city centre, which is over seven hectares large and is especially suitable for families.

The city of Grevenbroich also puts its energy into culture and education. The range includes a Volkshochschule, an art academy for young people, the city library and a varied cultural programme which, with a series of children's theatre pieces, has something to offer even the youngest of citizens. The city of Grevenbroich provides all forms of schooling on site. The Rhein-Kreis Neuss completes the educational spectrum with its vocational training centres and district music school for the young.

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