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Lanschaftsansicht des historischen Ortes von Dormagen Zons. | Panoramic view of the landscape at Dormagen. © GettyImages #629744452

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The city of Dormagen

Industry and idyll create quality of living. This certainly applies to Dormagen, an up-and coming city on the Rhine in the immediate vicinity of Cologne. Its around 86 square meter area is inhabited by more than 63,000 people living in 16 city districts.

Dormagen has a lot to offer investors: excellent transport connections to the Bundesautobahn A57 and the Bundesstraße 9; transport possibilities by rail and waterway; its proximity to the airports of Dusseldorf and Cologne, as well as attractive real estate prices in the industrial estates. The name of Dormagen is closely linked to the Bayer chemical park. Around 10,000 people work on the six square kilometre site and more than 500 trainees are taught their profession here. This makes the Dormagen chemical park the biggest employer and vocational training site in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss.

Exemplary social and cultural opportunities guarantee the high standards of living in Dormagen. Families appreciate that with virtually one hundred percent coverage, childcare is guaranteed at day-care centres and that all forms of schooling are available. A sophisticated level of cultural diversity is provided by the presence of a music school, Volkshochschule (an adult education centre), theatre programme and by the Kulturzentrum ('Centre for Culture') in Dormagen-Zons.

Dormagen has also made a name for itself as a "city of sport". The city is represented in premier sporting circles through the TSV Bayer Dormagen handball team and through many internationally successful sportspeople who have graduated from one of Dormagen's five sports camps. From 2008, the Knechtsreden residential sports school will add to the support for performance sports.

Recreation and relaxation can be found in the Rheinaue and in some 233 hectares of woodland, which contain the Geo-Park and the Tannenbusch wildlife centre and so provide lots to discover, especially for families. The historic toll fortress at Zons is an attraction for tourists from far and wide. Founded in the 14th century, the former toll city of the old electorate of Cologne is also called "the Rothenburg of the Rhine" due to its well preserved medieval walls and towers. Especially worth seeing is the cloister of Knechtsteden, situated on a slight rise in the midst of forests and fruit gardens. The Romanic double-choired basilica from the 12th century is one of the most impressive ecclesiastical buildings in the state.

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