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Communities in Rhein-Kreis Neuss

  • Wappen Dormagen

    The city of Dormagen

    Industry and idyll create quality of living. This certainly applies to Dormagen, an up-and coming city on the Rhine in the immediate vicinity of Cologne.

  • Wappen Grevenbroich

    The city of Grevenbroich

    Grevenbroich has power. And so the castle city, which is situated on the Erft and has around 65,000 inhabitants living in its 102 square kilometre area, also calls itself the "state capital of energy".

  • Wappen Jüchen

    The city of Jüchen

    Jüchen is friendly and likeable. Around 23,000 people live in 30 small towns in the 72 square kilometre area of this city.

  • Wappen Kaarst

    The city of Kaarst

    Kaarst is attractive. The city is a sought-after business location and popular place to live. It combines the feel of city life and modern architecture with a village-like idyll and proximity to nature.

  • Wappen Korschenbroich

    The city of Korschenbroich

    Korschenbroich emphasises tradition and the future. In its 55 square kilometre area, the city offers its 33,000 plus inhabitants high standards of living and leisure for all age groups, along with a varied range of shops and retail outlets.

  • Wappen Meerbusch

    The city of Meerbusch

    Meerbusch is a good address. More than 55,000 Meerbusch residents and numerous visitors appreciate the city's variety and rich diversity. In 64 square kilometres divided into eight districts...

  • Wappen Neuss

    The city of Neuss

    Neuss has character. The Romans already settled here, where the Erft flows into the Rhine, and so Neuss and its rich history can look back on one of the oldest founding dates of a city and more than 2,000 years of city history.

  • Wappen Rommerskirchen

    The municipality of Rommerskirchen

    Rural life does not have to be boring - the municipality of Rommerskirchen proves this impressively. More than 12,500 people in 17 small towns and villages can follow the Rommerskirchen motto and "live relaxedly and work successfully"...