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The district of Prignitz

The district of Prignitz is an administrative district in the far north west of Brandenburg. It was formed out of the districts of Perleberg and Pritzwalk (minus the municipalities of Blumenthal, Grabow and Rosenwinkel) and the parish of Gumtow (former Kreis Kyritz) following the Brandenburg Kreisgebietsreform (district area reform) in 1993.

The organisation of the Prignitz district administration was foremost on the agenda when the partnership certificate was signed in Neuss on November 16th 1991. The first step on the road to helping create an administration structure was taken with the setting up of an information centre.

Facts worth knowing
Federal stateBrandenburg
Seat of administrationPerleberg
Area2,123.28 Square kilometres
District structure26 Communities
CrestRot weißes Wappen mit Gans, acht Perlen und schwarzem Wolf

The municipality of Mikolów

The Polish district of Mikolów and the Rhein-Kreis Neuss have been partnered since November 9th 1994. On the 26th of May 2001, both districts sealed their partnership with a certificate.

The foundation was laid in 1994 when the Rhein-Kreis Neuss established ties with the Upper Silesian cities of Mikolów, Lazisca Gorne and Orzesze as well as the municipalities of Ornontowice and Wyry in order to accompany them on their path to districtship.

Facts worth knowing
Federal stateŚląskie
Seat of administrationMikołów
Area231.53 Square kilometres
District structure5 Communities
CrestRotes Wappen mit Ritter und Schild