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Emergency services

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Emergency fax for the deaf

An emergency fax for the deaf can be found in the download box at the end of this page.

Emergency telephone numbers

Who?Telephone number
Fire brigade112
Rescue service112
Patient transport19222
District police authority02131 300-11111

You can additionally call the Rhein-Kreis's control centre for the fire brigade and the rescue services on 02131 1350.

Central emergency practices, on-call services

Who?Telephone number
Medical on-call service116 117
Dental on-call service01805 986700
Dormagen emergency clinic02133 269595
Grevenbroich emergency clinic01805 044100
Neuss emergency clinic02131 521-5324


Who?Telephone number
Kreiskrankenhaus Dormagen02133 66-1
Kreiskrankenhaus Grevenbroich02181 600-1
Lukaskrankenhaus Neuss02131 888-0
Johanna-Etienne-Krankenhaus02131 5295-00

Social services' phone numbers

Who?Telephone number
Women's shelter02131 150225
Helpline for children and young people.0800 1110-333
Telephone counselling0800 1110-111 or 0800 1110-222

Utilities companies

Who?Telephone number
evd Dormagen02133 971-11
GWG (gas and water board) Grevenbroich, call-out service02181 7839777 or 02181 8208927
Kreiswerke Grevenbroich (District utility works), call-out service02182 17268
Kraftwerk Frimmersdorf (Frimmersdorf power plant)02181 26-0
Kraftwerk Neurath (Neurath power plant)02181 25-0
Niederrheinische Versorgung und Verkehr (Lower Rhine Supply and Traffic Company) AG

Electricity: 01801 688787
Gas: 01801 688427
Drinking water: 01801 688444
Drainage: 01801 688426

Stadtwerke Neuss (Neuss city utility works)02131 5310531
WBM MeerbuschGas and drinking Water: 0800 8101 102
Electricity: 01802 112244

Shared-cost service

Area codeCosts per minute (landline)Costs per call (landline)Costs per minute (mobile)
018013,9 Cent42 Cent
018026 Cent42 Cent
018039 Cent42 Cent
0180420 Cent42 Cent
0180514 Cent42 Cent
0180620 Centmax. 60 Cent per call
0180714 Cent42 Cent