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Museum Island Hombroich

kleine Ausstellungshalle im Grünen

Kultur |

The museum island Hombroich offers a museum experience of quite a different kind. In 1987, in the very middle of the untouched Erftaue and old park, a museum was built that not only presents but also produces under the Cezanne motto "Art Alongside Nature"

Exhibition buildings and art studios are distributed tastefully in the vast landscape. Winding paths are adorned with sculptures. The most varied cultures are united on the island with contemporary artworks. This is to be maintained by living artists on the island, connected with the island as meeting point for composers, musicians and artists.

Loyal to this idea, the most varied events with philosophers, poets, musicians and artists take place. The unique museum concept also includes a culture future laboratory with academics and artists located in a former NATO missile station.

Contact details
Address Kapellener Straße (L201)
41472 Neuss (Holzheim)
Telephone +49 2182 2094
Opening times + Entrance fees This information can be found on the museum's internet page