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The Rhein-Kreis Neuss takes pains to ensure the internet service for all visitors is made as accessible as possible. These explanatory notes are conceived to help you get the best possible use from the internet site

Font size

You can enlarge or reduce the font size using the browser menu

  • Internet Explorer: View > Font size
  • Firefox: View > Font size
  • Opera: View > Zoom factor

You can also change the font size by clicking on "display" to the right next to the logo. Simply choose "Larger font" here.

Breadcrumb navigation

The breadcrumb navigation is always found above the contents ("You are here:")

It tells you where your current page is placed in relation to the start page. This way, you see clearly how the page has been categorised and can switch to related pages by a simple click of a mouse and so skip categories.

Site map

The site map provides an overview of the entire internet range of the district (table of contents).


The search field for the simple key work search is always positioned at the top right next to the contents field. Here you may enter one or more key works. The search begins once you've clicked on the grey arrow ("start search")

Alongside the simple key word search, you can also use the extended search. Here you can exclude words, search within certain headings and restrict the search to a certain time period.

Jump labels for screen readers

For screen reader users, jump labels can be found at the beginning of the page which are linked directly to main navigation, contents, search or the service menu. These cannot be seen by users of modern graphic browsers.


Printing is completed via an optimised preview option. Only the contents are printed. Menus, head notes and footnotes are removed. All you have to do is select the print symbol ("print page") at the end of the page.

PDF documents

Not all PDF documents are freely accessible. Some source documents are no longer available, other documents are not compiled by the Rhein-Kreis Neuss

As of 1 July 2007, the Rhein-Kreis Neuss publishes its own documents in baccessible form. These documents are identified by the description "freely accessible". Should you require information from older documents in a form accessible to you, please send an e-mail to Rhein-Kreis Neuss. We will make all possible effort to provide you with the information required.

Use of JavaScript

All applications of this internet domain are accessible without the use of JavaScript. Certain elements are enriched by JavaScript so as to improve user friendliness; the contact form for instance or the key word search

Abbreviations, acronyms and changing language

Acronyms are indicated by underlining (e.g.. RKN). What the acronym represents is shown in full as Tooltip. Where abbreviations are used, almost all browsers work in the same way. Only older versions of internet explorer ignore this function.

Words not appearing in the dictionary are indicated accordingly. Reader programs are this able to select the correct pronunciation. These words are not highlighted in a graphic browser.

Character encoding

This internet pages is coded exclusively in UTF-8, the most widespread code format for Unicode characters

If you see special characters in place of an umlaut (ä; ö, ü), your browser probably operates with the wrong character encoding. Tests have shown this error occurs only in internet explorer and can be solved by setting encoding to automatic and reloading the page (F5 key):

  • Internet Explorer: View > Encoding > Automatic
  • Firefox: View > Character Encoding > Automatic > Universal
  • Opera: View > Character Encoding > Automatic

The browser then assumes the encoding determined by the internet site. In some cases, the tick box must first be removed and then re-added and the page loaded afresh. All other browsers (Firefox, Opera) properly recognise the coding and correct accordingly.