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Privacy Policy

For information on the type, extent, purpose, processing and use of personal data collected from your visit to this site, please read the following data protection declaration

Processing of user data

Each visit to the page and each data file opened is recorded in a protocol file. This data is used only to facilitate best use of the system and to allow the compilation of statistics. These data are not passed on to third parties.

Each visit records the following information

  1. Name of file accessed
  2. Date and time of access
  3. Data package transferred
  4. Indication of whether access was successful
  5. Description of the type of web browser used
  6. Requested domain
  7. Your IP address

These data do no allow direct identification of individual persons and are not stored for longer the legally permitted term.


On, cookies are used only for the purpose of navigation and page representation. Temporary session cookies are used which are then deleted when you close your browser. We do not trace your personal settings!

More information on cookies can be found here.

Personal information

Personal information given in the contact form on are transferred in encrypted form.

This encryption makes is very difficult for unauthorised persons to spy on information transferred between two computers. It is therefore improbable that someone reads this information whilst being sent through the internet. All the same, we draw attention here to the fact that the sending of information through the internet is never totally secure. For this reason, confidential information should be sent via some other medium where possible.

Applications and declarations addressed to Rhein-Kreis Neuss subject to deadline may be sent electronically. Legally binding declarations can be made this way. You will find a public key for secure e-mails here.

All staff employed by Rhein-Kreis Neuss are bound to confidentiality in respect of your personal data.

Spam notice

Spam or junk mails are unsolicited mails generally containing advertisements.

Should you receive an advertisement from, you can be sure that its not from us. The sender field of an e-mail can easily be manipulated and is not a reliable indication of the senders true identity.

Please adhere to the following rules on receiving a suspicious e-mail

  1. Do not open any links.
  2. Do not open or save any attachments
  3. Do not answer the mail
  4. Delete the mail or complain to the internet complaints agency.

More information on this subject can be found here.

Data protection officer

The data protection officer is there to advise and oversee the adherence to data protection laws at Rhein-Kreis Neuss

For all citizens, the data protection officer is the central point of call for any questions relating to data protection and Rhein-Kreis Neuss.